Why You Need Afrihost for Your Hosting Needs

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Zero risks and a double money-back guarantee is an out of the world offers from a Web hosting and Telecoms service provider. Even so, Afrihost has been awarded for six years in a row for offering innovative products, serving people passionately, and offering unrivaled deals in the market.

With such an exceptional track record and 20 years of phenomenal service provision, you definitely want to find out the products and services you can get from Afrihost.

     Afrihost packages and pricing

Cloud hosting

With this package, you are assured of scalability, speed, top notch hardware, reliable infrastructure, fast and reliable network. In other words, this industry leading service guarantees you satisfaction not to mention no contracts and no cash demands initially.

What is more is that you do not have to worry when you choose the wrong package. The outstanding characteristic about this Afrihost package is that you can always upgrade or downgrade at any point when your needs change. The packages are well-thought out and I am sure you will find one that best suits you.

Afrihost cloud hosting pricing
Afrihost platinum cloud hosting

afrihost Domains

Protecting your brand by using a relevant domain assures you of a secure future. You can still register your domain without hosting and get full DNS control.

Mobile Prepaid

Afrihost ensures that you get exactly what you have paid for. You can get prepaid mobile bundles that are valid for the whole year at very friendly rates. This way, you do not have to worry about losing your value for the money nor paying too much for such a lucrative deal.

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We can both agree that we need internet everywhere we are. Afrihost ensures that you get all your devices to fast and reliable internet of which you choose between 3G and LTE devices.


Let your money serve you by getting top of the range modems and Wi-Fi routers which offers excellent performance and Wi-Fi range. Truth is, you would barely get such deals from any retailers.


Staying connected is the ultimate goal of any relationship. VoIP allows you to use your existing internet connection to make affordable voice calls worldwide. In addition, Pure VoIP allows you to make absolutely free calls to other Pure VoIP numbers.

afrihost Location and contacts

The overview is just a tip of the iceberg, you definitely want to learn more about us. Just use your preferred network:

Afrihost WhatsApp: +27718835005

Afrihost email: support@afrihost.com or accounts@afrihost.com

Phone: 0800 011 000 or +27116127300

Best alternatives

  • Domain.co.za. They are affiliated to other web hosting providers and they offer domains.
  • Xneelo.co.za: they offer web hosting services with one customer at a time motto.
  • 1-grid offers web hosting and domain names with a quick and easy online registration
  • Hostafrica.co.za:

They are a dedicated web hosting and vps cloud provider that is ranked number one on Hellopeter

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